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  • 5 Sample papers, must for every serious SNU aspirant.
  • Sample papers based on the latest syllabus of SNU SAT exam
  • All unique question types asked in SNU SAT are covered. 
  • All questions are accompanied by a detailed solution. Visible after the test submission.
  • Time-taken analysis and Topper Comparison Analysis to give you a fair idea of difficulty level and competition.
  • Suitable for those applying to B.Sc. (Research) Economics or BMS at SNU Noida.
  • If you are applying to any B. Tech. Program, B.Sc. (Research) Physics, B.Sc. (Research) Mathematics, buy this package.




Some FAQs Regarding the SNUSAT Mock test package


Q1. Will the SNU SAT mock papers be provided on E-Mail ID?

Ans. NO, SNU SAT mock papers will be provided in login on website. Student needs to login with his E-Mail ID and password set at the time of registration.


Q2. Are the SNU SAT Mock Tests accessible at any place?

Ans. YES, you can access our SNU SAT Mock Tests from any place with the help of the internet. You can access the same with mobile as well as desktop. Apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Q3. Is there any compulsion to give the SNU SAT tests on the same day of purchase?

Ans. NO, it is not compulsory to give the SNU SAT tests on the same day. You can attempt the tests at any time and any day before 31st July 2021.


Q4. How many tests does "SNU SAT Mock Tests" package have?

Ans. The package includes 5 full-length tests.


Q5. Are these SNU SAT Mock Tests based on the recent syllabus?

Ans. YES, the SNU SAT Mock Test Papers are based on the updated syllabus and cover all the topics asked in the exam. SNU SAT question paper pattern is followed in designing the test papers.


Q6. When will the results for the SNU SAT Mock Tests be declared?

Ans. The results for the SNU SAT Mock Tests will be declared immediately after the students submit their tests. The report will provide the students with a detailed analysis so they can know their errors and improvise on them. They also get topper comparisons on their attempts. Moreover, solutions are provided with all questions which will help in mending the weak areas.


Q7. What other benefits will a student get on joining the Test series?

Ans. Solving these SNU SAT Mock Tests has numeral benefits like -

  • It will boost your confidence
  • Clarity of exam pattern and marking scheme
  • Helps in diagnosing our weak points
  • It provides knowledge about the type of topics being asked


Q8. SNU SAT has section-wise time limit. Do these Mock Tests have the same?

Ans. YES, our SNU SAT Mock Tests also have sectional time limits. Once the time limit of a section is over you cannot go back to the previous section/s.

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